Classics@12: Comparative Approaches to India and Greece


Gregory Nagy, Professor of Classics, Harvard University, and Director of the Center for Hellenic Studies, “Mentalities of sacrifice in Indic and Greek traditions.”

Shubha Pathak, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, American University, “Why People Need Epics: Terming and Learning from the Divine Yet Human.”

Douglas Frame, Senior Researcher and former Associate Director, Center for Hellenic Studies, “Echoes of the Indo-European Twin Gods in Sanskrit and Greek Epic: Arjuna and Achilles.”

Arti Mehta, Lecturer in Classics, Howard University, “Fox and Jackal: The Individual against the Collective.”

Live Presentations and Discussion

The live event was moderated by Claudia Filos, CHS Manager of Curriculum and Community Development.


G. Nagy

S. Pathak

D. Frame

A. Mehta