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Bollack, Jean. 2016. The Art of Reading: From Homer to Paul Celan. Trans. C. Porter and S. Tarrow with B. King. Edited by C. Koenig, L. Muellner, G. Nagy, and S. Pollock. Hellenic Studies Series 73. Washington, DC: Center for Hellenic Studies.

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Translated by Catherine Porter and Susan Tarrow, with Bruce King
Edited by Christoph Koenig, Leonard Muellner, Gregory Nagy, and Sheldon Pollock
Extracts from the following books appear by permission of Editions du Seuil, Paris:
Jean Bollack, La Gréce de personne: les mots sous le mythe. © Editions du Seuil, 1997.
Empédocle. Les purifications. Un project de paix universelle. Commentary by Jean Bollack. © Editions du Seuil, 2003.