Student Programs

Programs in Washington, DC

Winter Session Thesis Research

Harvard students utilize the Center’s library collection for thesis research in January. The CHS provides housing in shared apartments on the CHS campus for one week, 24-hour access to the library, and lunch on weekdays. Additionally, the CHS reimburses transportation costs up to $500.00.

Digital Humanities Internship

Interns work at the CHS in Washington, DC on the Free First Thousand Years of Greek, a self-standing subset of the Open Greek and Latin Project. The work involves a range of activities, including scanning texts, verifying and correcting texts, and uploading corrected texts to a GitHub repository. All instruction is provided on site.

9th Annual International Scholars' Symposium

Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington DC, in cooperation with the International Olympic Academy and with the support of Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, is organizing the 9th International Scholars’ Symposium in the “Sports, Society, and Culture” series in Washington DC, July 15–19, 2020. As in previous years, the Symposium will host scholars and bring together students and faculty from universities around the world.

Programs in Greece

Teaching Internship Program

In this internship, five Harvard undergraduates serve as teaching assistants for the CHS High School Summer Program (HSSP) in Greece. Interns work with the HSSP faculty to plan, coordinate, and teach the 2-week, college-level seminar. The internship has two phases: spring preparation in Cambridge MA, and the seminar itself in July in Nafplion, Greece.

Harvard Summer School Program

This interdisciplinary seminar in comparative cultural studies explores the interaction of people and ideas in the Eastern Mediterranean, from antiquity to the present. The course brings together historical, literary, philosophical, and linguistic approaches that are complemented by close encounters with the material culture of the region.

Museum of Cycladic Art Internship

This 5-week program is meant to familiarize interns with the activities performed in a museum environment, and to provide high-quality professional training. Interns will work in collaboration with curators, museum educators, and communication experts.

B&E Goulandris Foundation Art Internship in Athens

seeks a Harvard Graduate student from the Graduate School of Arts & Science to work as an intern at the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation in Athens, Greece. This program is meant to encourage art education through an interdisciplinary approach and extend the intern’s practical knowledge of museum programming and research.